About NFX

NFX is the only venture fund conceived on the belief that the next generation of legendary companies will be fueled by “network effects”, the superpower that has driven the majority of technology successes for the last 10 years - from Facebook to Salesforce and AirBnB to Slack. While few understand how to engineer network effects, those who do will have the ability to unlock unstoppable growth and game-changing defensibility in B2B and B2C companies across every vertical.

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The NFX Partners ​are entrepreneurs themselves who have founded 10 companies with $10+​ billion in exits. We h​ave previously invested in, advised, and mentored some of the world’s most innovative startups and are recognized as the foremost experts in growth and network effects.

NFX is entrepreneur first because we were entrepreneurs first.

As entrepreneurs first, we know that unusual success is rarely a singular function. The true story you never read is this: Olympic achievements are reached with exceptional founders and exceptional coaches, those quiet forces who compel athletic grit to superhuman greatness. As startups, it's the expertise of advisors and confidants - their ability to instantly pinpoint and apply the exact right pressure - that often separates the victors.

As entrepreneurs first, we know that unusual success isn’t about volume, it’s about curation. In a time of shiny keys and cattle calls, the very best will demand more. It’s not the sage on a stage or the broadcast news, but the genuine practitioners and insider tactics that will shortcut your time to scale.

As entrepreneurs first, we know that unusual success requires software, not just services. From fundraising to hiring, founders are spending more critical time than ever on problems that have yet to be solved with code. Founders who win will be those who seek every edge they can get, and who understand that time is oxygen.

​Some may call us investors. Others may point to our past achievements. But that’s not how we view our work. Our founders are not “deals”, our contribution cannot be summarized in a “term sheet”, and we refuse to rest on a “track record”.

At NFX, we are partners for the long haul, from seed to scale. And we are determined to help create the next generation of legendary companies.