What's covered in the 3 month NFX Guild program

Specific to learning about network effect businesses

  • Product strategy and tactics for building network effects
  • Growth strategy and tactics
  • Growth DNA and team mindset
  • Retention tactics
  • Network design and density
  • Marketplace design and liquidity
  • Metrics and instrumentation
  • First User Experiences (FUE’s)
  • Pricing
  • Managing platform companies like FB, iOS, Google, Android, Pinterest, YouTube, Intuit, Twitter, etc.
  • Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Gamification and Behavioral Economics
  • Language
  • Customer psychology
  • Product marketing, marketing strategy, channel development
  • Identity expression
  • Technical Architecture review for rapid growth
  • Sales team design for rapid growth


  • Fundraising advice and introductions
  • Branding/Naming
  • PR, press contacts
  • Presentation/Pitch Coaching
  • Launching or re-launching
  • Competitive market mapping
  • Payments
  • Legal and equity structures
  • Hiring processes for Silicon Valley and firing
  • Relocation: visas, housing, transportation, office space
  • Best practices for customer feedback
  • Managing a board
  • Founder agreements
  • Business development and partnerships
  • Culture development
  • Bringing your authenticity and meaning into the rush