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NFX is an invite-only Guild for startups looking to accelerate growth and enhance defensibility, predominantly through the use of Network Effects. It runs a three month program in the Bay Area twice per year for 15-20 companies. Companies in the program can be pre Seed, post Seed or post Series A.

The purpose of the Guild is to assist the world’s top entrepreneurs to build huge businesses that change their industries or create new ones. As such, the Guild focuses on Web and Mobile ventures and on companies aiming to build their products on top of the emerging new hardware platforms.

On Web and Mobile, we still look for teams targeting innovative consumer and SMB applications, and we increasingly emphasize verticals which have been slower to adopt innovation such as Enterprise, Fintech, Healthcare and Government.

On new tech platforms, we look for teams that aim to build the core applications on top of them. The tech platforms we work with include:

Nfx tech platforms

The NFX Guild program covers all aspects of startup acceleration and growth including acquisition and retention tactics, rapid scaling, viral growth, metric capture and analysis, the importance of language, ways to achieve effective access to the existing platform companies, fundraising tactics, team management, etc.

The NFX Guild curriculum specifically includes the knowhow required to enable companies to embed network effects into their businesses. We’ve identified 13 different types of network effects and can provide Guild companies with the playbooks to build each type as appropriate..

NFX Alumni and companies we’ve worked with in the past can be seen here. NFX Guild companies benefit from joining the NFX Alumni and their classmates in a trusted guild of entrepreneurs working on similar businesses with similar problems and assisting each other under the Guild’s code of secrecy.

Throughout the NFX Guild program, office hours are open five days per week and the companies can meet with the partners as often as it makes sense, typically up to twice per week. For the first few weeks, we also meet as a group twice per week. For the remainder of the weeks, we usually meet as a group once per week. There are additional optional group sessions covering specific topics. Each company will be introduced - if required - to expert Advisors in the Bay Area with the ability to help with the specific challenges they face.

The NFX program takes place in Palo Alto.

The other NFX office is in Israel, in Hertzeliya. Israeli NFX companies get an additional pre-program in Israel to help ensure they are prepared to make the most of the NFX experience in the Bay Area. The pre-program includes prep sessions, a class dinner, and office hours.

The NFX program ends with the NFX Conference & Demo Day, where each company presents in front of investors, journalists, and top potential hires.

Total Cash Investment Equity to NFX
Pre-Seed $120K 7%
Post-Seed $120K 5%
Post-A $40K 3%


Next NFX Guild Application
Winter 2017

Sept 8 – Application opens (Invitation Only)

Oct 12 – Application Deadline

Oct 13 - 20 – Interviews

Oct 21 – Acceptances sent out

Nov 29 – First day kick off and orientation in Palo Alto, CA

Feb 28 – NFX Guild Conference, where companies present

NFX is invitation only. Please enter your invitation code above.